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Quiet Hours at St. George’s

Enjoy Quiet Hours at St. George’s Shopping Centre

We are excited to announce that St. George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow will now be offering Quiet Hours every Sunday from 11am until 12pm, starting on 30th June 2024. During this time, our retailers and restaurants* will reduce their lighting and music to create a calmer, more inclusive shopping environment for all our visitors. We will also be switching off our centre radio in the centre to reduce noise.

Whether you prefer a more tranquil shopping experience or have sensory sensitivities, our Quiet Hours are designed with you in mind. We believe that everyone should enjoy their time at St. George’s, and this initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to making our shopping centre more accessible and welcoming.

Please check with individual stores for details on who is participating.

Visit us on Sunday to experience a more peaceful shopping atmosphere at St. George’s Shopping Centre. We look forward to welcoming you!

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