Community at St. Georges
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Stop those drips
Water usage has decreased by 1%. This is almost enough to fill 2 paddling pools every week of the summer.
Stop those drips
St. George's use of electricity is down by 26%. This is the same as boiling a kettle 1 million times.
Stop those drips
St. George's helped to raise £2,300 this year for local charities.
Stop those drips
Did you know 34 tonnes of waste from St. George's is recycled?

£2,989.14 out of £4,000

Raised so far

We love being a part of YOUR community

St. George's aims to support and help as many charities as possible to raise money and awareness in our centre. Below you can see all the charities and organisations we have welcomed into the centre so that they can raise money, awareness or even just gain support from the public. We aim to help these charities raise £1,500 in our centre in 2018
You can see our totaliser of how much we have been able to help good causes raise in 2018 and we would love for you to be involved

Our Charity of the year





Ignite address anti-social behaviour and crime through early interventions to change behaviour and thinking, and by providing safe places to meet and enjoy positive activities.

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Charities and Organisations supported by St George's


When disaster strikes Oxfam’s priority is to start saving lives, then to help people come back stronger. We make sure people can get clean water to drink and decent sanitation. We provide help for people to get food and the essentials they need to survive...

The Children’s Trust 

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. They deliver rehabilitation, education and community services through skilled teams who work with children and young people, and their families. Their ambition is for all children with brain injury and neurodisability to...


  Unicef is the world’s leading organisation working for children in danger. UNICEF saves and protects the world’s most vulnerable children, working to ensure child rights and providing health care, immunizations, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation services, basic education, protection and emergency relief. To find out more...