Walk to raise money for Ignite Trust – St Georges Shopping
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Walk to raise money for Ignite Trust

Our lovely Centre Administrator, Jelena, and her dear friend, Mark, are on a mission to raise money for Ignite Trust, our charity of the year.

They will be setting off to walk a little over a marathon distance on the 12th May.

Ignite Trust is a local, Harrow-based charity that aims to engage with disadvantaged young people in the area, empowering them and helping them transform their lives to move from negative influences.

All donations will go straight to the charity and with your support this fantastic amount will be possible and make all the planning and effort worthwhile.
Please visit our Virgin Money Giving page to donate - https://bit.ly/2q24uJv

A message from Jelena herself:

It all started about a year ago when we were chatting about a long distance walk – we wanted a bit of a challenge, I suppose. This idea had been floating around until my place of work, St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow invited Ignite Trust to be our Charity of the Year. I was thrilled, St George’s teams were excited, Ignite team was very happy, so what next?

Mark and I grabbed this opportunity to do what we’ve kind of planned for a while. Our 45km walk will take us from and to Goodwood racecourse in West Sussex and will include rolling hills and landscape of the West Sussex Countryside including sections of the South Downs National Trail. Who could ask for more?

All donations will go straight to the charity and with your support this fantastic amount will be possible and make all the planning and effort worthwhile, staff who are taking part are funding all necessary accommodation and food themselves as well as taking days from their well-earned holiday allocation to make it all happen. Please visit our Virgin Money Giving page to donate.



Update: 11.04.18

I think it was the only dry day in March, at least it felt like it although mud was awful. When Mark tells you it’s going to get ‘a bit sticky’, it means you’ll end up with mud to your ears. That man is the epitome of understatement.

We went through Chesham ridges and it was beautiful. I think it was a 13 mile walk in total.  The knitted bike was in Chesham town centre – such a cool thing!

The solitary tree was a view at the point where we took our lunch. It was the middle of nowhere, no signal, just the tree, us (and two more people who walked with us) and birds. Very atmospheric. The place is called The Lee.

Walking in the mud is not fun...



Update: 16.04.18

As I promised, I am keeping you In the loop of my training.

Today we went for a short-ish walk, about 7 miles through Oxhey Woods. It was a lovely, dry, warm day….. what a change from the muddy walk last week.

My fingers and toes are crossed for the weather to stay bright, dry and warm.

Update: 18.04.18

Mark and I walked again! Another 10 miles over Harrow on the Hill, past Harrow School and beautiful St Mary’s church, through local fields, and local roads.

I liked the view from the field, you can see the Wembley arch quite clearly. The photo doesn’t give it justice, it was quite a splendid view.

The sun was shining and the breeze was just lovely as we walked, i really do hope the weather stays bright for the 12th May.

Update: 19.04.18

We had a great walking session. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and we were walking. It was so nice to walk in the dry weather with very few mud obstacles. A few of our friends joined us as it was supposed to be a gentle walk. Ha!

However, we got slightly lost at the beginning - Josh dropped us off about a mile away from the staring point to get some more people. Somewhere along the way to the beginning Mark decided to turn left, rather than right and we went back on ourselves. In reality, it wasn't much of a problem, we just walked a bit longer than expected. It's the other guys waiting for us who thought we gave up on them.

All in all, it was a good training session, not very fast due to the various abilities of the group members but nevertheless challenging as every path seemed to have a slight incline.

Update: 23.04.18

I was on my day off and have planned to walk to Kew Gardens.

As usual, I left my home, then went back because I forgot to put on sun cream, then left, then came back because I forgot my annual Kew pass, then I left again and came back because I forgot my antihistamine. Then I finally left and didn’t come back until 19.5 miles later.

It was a fantastic day. The walk itself was refreshing, happy and warm. I have done this walk many times (one way only!) and was certain that I wouldn’t get lost. And I didn’t. I reached Greenford leg of the canal easily, and set my pace along the budding greenery and murky water of the canal. It was sad to see so much plastic floating, and the building site wasn’t very appealing but the boats were looking quaint in the early morning light, trees were blooming and sun was shining so all was well.

Once in the park, I stretched and sat down for a snack and a coffee, and later on, lunch. Some geese joined me and then I explored the park for a while. I love that park, truly. I always find something new and exciting to admire and enjoy. I am pleased to say I found the Tulip field – a sight to behold.   After what I can only call moseying, I started my journey back to Harrow. That was a bit of an effort, I admit. On 26th kilometre my legs felt like lead and the heat wasn’t easy to cope with. I was also a bit apprehensive that I would miss a turn as I was walking backwards, looking at the scenery from the wrong angle. Thankfully all went well.

I even managed to walk to work the following day. And Sunday is a new training day (after a day’s work). 12th May is fast approaching…..