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With this situation we have found ourselves in we are all asking the same question, what will I do today to pass the time?

@Wilko might have your answer: Home Brewing

Whether you’re an experienced home brewer who’s renowned amongst family and friends for producing the perfect tipple or you fancy having a go at home brewing for the first time, Wilko has got EVERYTHING you need to produce the finest beverages in town. 

They have several home brew kits that feature everything you need to get your brewery underway, must-have accessories that’ll keep your brew flowing for months on end, and handy glass storage bottles that are perfect for storing your latest liquor. Here are a few of our favourites: 


  • Wilko Limited Edition Beer Kit


This kit is full-bodied spiced Ale beer making kit is enhanced with cinnamon and spice flavours for a well-balanced, warming brew. This 100% sustainable malt is made into a syrup using just water and heat, and concentrated under a vacuum to protect the delicate flavour profile and blended with choice hops. ABV: 4.8% approx, ONLY £20.


  • Caxton Best Bitter Beer Brewing Kit


This Tom Caxton Best Bitter beer kit brews a strong, distinctive classic English Bitter, perfect for the beer connoisseur. Simply add sugar and water. ABV: 4.8% approx. ONLY £15.


  • Wilko Refreshing Cerveza Mexican Style Beer Brewin


For those who enjoy the tangy taste of Mexican style lagers, the Mexican style cerveza brewing kit will certainly hit the mark with its light yet hoppy character – serve with a slice of lemon or lime to make it truly authentic. ABV: 4% approx. ONLY £12.




Let’s take a trip to some of our most loved restaurants here at St George’s (without even leaving your home)!

First stop, @Mcdonald’s. There’s not much you can’t create with a cardboard box, but mum Anna Taggart made it extra special for her kids Noah and Mason by making their very own McDonald’s drive-thru – using just felt tips and crayons. But no trip to Mcdonald’s is complete without a Happy meal! Create your own homemade McDonald’s Happy Meal like Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall did for his daughter Sienna.


Next stop  @Starbucks. A California couple Diego and Cindy transformed their Kitchen into a custom-built Starbucks coffee shop! Their daughters loves the cake pops from Starbucks so they decided to bake their own cake pops and enjoy them with a trip to their very own coffee shop. Cindy said “It’s been kinda like a little getaway for her where she gets to go in there and play and distract herself”.

We LOVE this idea as it is something fun, positive and most importantly entertains the kids!



How many times this week have you said ‘we need to go shopping, we have nothing to eat?’ 

If you’re like most people, your cupboards and fridge are probably FULL of canned goods, spices, pasta and maybe even some meat. But the hard part is how do you figure out what can you cook with all that?

The app and website SuperCook is the answer! 

Add your ingredients to the SuperCook app and watch as it finds amazing recipes you can make with the ingredients you already have at home. It includes 350,000+ easy to follow recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with some step-by-step videos!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the SuperCook app or visit their website here:
  2. Include any dairy items you may have (butter, cheese, milk)
  3. Add any vegetables you have (onion, frozen vegetables, a can of corn)
  4. Add any fruits, grains and spices (cinnamon, garlic powder, apples)
  5. Add any other ingredients you may have
  6. Watch as it pulls delicious recipes together
  7. Enjoy indulging in tasty meals without a trip to the Supermarket



Everything is a little scary and confusing right now. It’s okay to admit it. It’s also okay not to feel okay right now – we’re all feeling stressed, anxious and unsure. What’s important is finding a way to relax, give yourself a positivity boost and instill a calmness when you need it.

Meditation can be a great tool for doing that. The goal is not to control your thoughts, but to stop letting them control you. And it’s easier than you think! Simply, light some candles, run a nice, hot bath and open up a meditation app. Here’s a few we suggest:

You may have heard of this one before? What we love about Headspace is that there’s so many different meditations for so many different occasions such as sleep sounds, mediation for kids, emergency meditations, guided meditations and more!

Whether you’ve got just a few minutes or longer, this app has guided meditations to suit and they focus on various topics such as mindfulness, breathing exercises and sleep.









Insight Timer
Much like the others, there’s plenty to pick from on this app depending on style, length or teacher, however what makes this one unique is the option to set a timer and meditate freely without guidance.