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Get Set for Halloween with St. George’s

Get set for Halloween in style this year with the spooktacular range of Halloween goodies available here at St. George’s Shopping Centre. Here’s our guide to the best buys you should be trick or treating yourself to this week:

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Sweet pumpkin – add this beauty from PANDORA to your collection in time for Halloween!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!




Mile 22

Mile 22 reunites the team of Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg, last having seen success with Deepwater Horizon and Patriot’s Day. With a solid foundation in the action thriller genre, Berg’s Mile 22 has been designed to kick off Wahlberg’s franchise which already has a sequel in the works before its release.

The film sets up the premise of the team quickly with a botched Russian capture mission which sets the story in motion for the remainder of the film as well as introduces us to the characters. Layers of their lives outside their role in the team are peeled away in small moments that provide a glimpse into not who they are away from their job but who they could’ve been. The devoted mother, the unstable genius, the reluctant expert all assay Silva’s surrogate family since they have failed to connect with their own families.

A mission to recover a biochemical weapon is compromised as it appears the team have been led on a wild goose chase, leaving casualties behind them until the arrival of Li Noor (Iko Uwais). Noor is the timer that starts off the real journey of Mile 22 after an elaborate set up. As the only one who knows the code to unlock an encrypted self destructing file, Noor becomes the package that must be delivered to safety before time runs out. Negotiations and diplomacy are thrown out the window early on during his arrival and the film shifts gear to become a getaway film in reverse with the hunters becoming the hunted. At this point the film’s brutal action quotient goes off the chart and turns into a splatterfest which shows what Wahlberg’s team can really do and are willing to sacrifice for the security of their country.

Mark Wahlberg moves away from his blue collar roles in Berg’s previous films to become a killing machine focused only on the mission at hand. His character’s assessment of life coupled with his mental illness, takes him to another level that’s hyper-involved and has less of a conscience at times.

A theme of the loss of innocence resonates through the film. Silva’s character as a child losing his innocence and being forced to fend for himself after the death of his family, Alice’s constant desire to be an involved mother, a Russian general’s son’s death which starts it all off and Silva’s desire to avoid civilian casualties show a dirty world corrupted with the loss of innocence. While on the surface, Mile 22 seems like a political action thriller, it’s deeper layers reflect a more thought out film which doesn’t shy away from suggesting the imperfect world we live in needs to be maintained that way. Wahlberg is ably supported by Rhonda Rousey, Lauran Cohen, John Malkovich and the brilliant Iko Uwais as Li Noor, who after The Raid gets a chance to showcase his fight mastery in a Hollywood film.

Mile 22 is a good film that’s well crafted and another feather in Peter Berg’s cap. It provides a great ensemble team for Wahlberg to bounce off with a plot that requires a little concentration but rewards viewers with a payoff more plausible than most action films. Recommended.

Watch the official trailer here. 






By Manisa Kuinkel

I waffle therefore I am…

On a typical sunny Sunday in July, typical for summer 2018 at least, my hubby and I went to the brand new Wafflemeister that had opened in St. Georges. I had never been to one before but knew straightaway that we would enjoy our visit. The cafe was situated near Rymans and opposite Nandos.

As it was just after midday and we had skipped brekkie, we were famished and ready to eat. There were a variety of tempting treats visible in the window display. We went in and looked at the menu of Signature Liege waffles which included Waffe Au Choclat, Dream Team, Go Bananas and Marshmallow Surprise. There were also a range of American waffles such as Granola Breakfast, Nutella Sandwich, Banoffee and Strawberry Mess. Wafflemeister also offer gelatos, sorbets and sundaes.

We both decided to try the Granola Breakfast waffle and although I would normally only have water or juice with breakfast or brunch, I ordered a Strawberry Mojito as it sounded nice whilst my hubby went for the Mango Yoghurt Smoothie. There were other Juices, Smoothies and Thick Shakes on offer as well as the good old favourites like tea, coffee and soft drinks. Customers are offered a great choice of treats and drinks here!

Friendly, efficient staff served us and we decided to sit in the seating area where there were around 7 seats available. Other customers waited nearby, sat eating or ordered takeaways. There were an influx of customers coming and going and the staff along with the store manager worked hard to serve everyone in a timely manner. We liked that there was a good number of staff working to serve customers and prepare food.

The Breakfast Granola which included bananas and pumpkin seeds was intriguing, substantial and delicious! The strawberry mojito was lovely, refreshing and much welcomed on such a warm day. My hubby also found the food to be fresh and delicious. A side note, it was amusing to see a statement printed on every tissue – I waffle therefore I am.

We ate with ease in our surroundings. The venue was vibrant. There was a huge Waffles neon sign on display and striking photos of the types of food available. My hubby noted that the venue was clean, modern and attractive. I liked that that there menu was easy to read and there is no pressure to decide what you want.

Wafflemeister also reminded us of the fab waffle cafes situated everywhere in Brussels that we saw whilst on a mini break there during 2017. It was nice to see a similar place has now opened here amongst other more familiar fast food outlets.

I will not waffle on now (groan…) and will simply sign off by saying, I would definitely recommend St George’s visitors stop by Wafflemeister, for a tasty treat in the near future.




Full Stop Aesthetics, my trip the the Salon. 

Working full time and having 2 young children means I am very limited on what I like to call ‘me time’. However, Full Stop Aesthetics have reminded me that it is okay to have some time to myself and I can do that when best suits me. It can be hard to find the time for a bit of self-indulgence especially with many salons offering limited opening times. Full Stop Aesthetics are open 7 days a week and have appointments available until 8pm on Friday to help fit in with your busy lifestyle! This suits me perfectly so I booked an appointment for a manicure on a Tuesday evening at 7pm (after the kids were fed, bathed and in bed!) – I need this.

I arrive at Full Stop Aesthetics at 6:50pm and I am welcomed with a great big smile and offered a drink. I opted for a lovely americano. The salon is bright, clean and colourful. I feel relaxed immediately. I’m so excited to get my nails done, there are so many colours to choose from (I think

that was the most difficult decision of my day!), I opted for a lovely bright coral colour, after about 10 minutes of changing my mind (whoops!).

Nail treatments are little pleasures everyone can afford especially at Full Stop Aesthetics, the manicure treatment menu offers something to suit everybody. With professional service they offer personalised products from trusted brands like OPI, SNS and Shellac because they believe these products create lovely looking and healthy nails.

The nail technician was lovely, she explained nail care and all the different options available to me. I was amazed to find out that you can have nail gems, ombre and nail art for as little as £5 extra. With my busy lifestyle and being a mum to young children, I opted to keep it simple this time and stick with a block colour. Maybe next time I will be a little more adventurous – who knows!

Using creams and lotions my nail technician gave me a lovely hand massage which was so relaxing. I’m loving the experience so much I think it might have to become a regular occurance (when the kids are in bed, of course).

Around 45 minutes later, my nails are done. They are amazing and I am so so happy with them. I walk out of the salon feeling like a new woman. All a woman needs is a little pamper sometimes. I’d say, treat yourself to the pampering you deserve and book your appointment at Full Stop Aesthetics now. I have booked my next appointment already, next time i’m going to treat myself to a cut, wash and blow dry and I can’t wait already.