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When I first saw low resolution images of the PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Bag Charm (797506) it appeared to have a pavé finished with cubic zirconia stones. However when I inspected the I was delighted to discover a stunning, cubic zirconia free charm! I’m sure long time collector’s will agree with me that this charm is the epitome of PANDORA at it’s best. An intricate floral pattern covers Mary’s carpet bag, the design is lifted beautifully with oxidisation detail. Just like Mary’s actual bag, PANDORA Mary Poppins Bag Charm looks as if it’s filled with unexpected items!

797507CZ PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Pendant Charm 797506 PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Bag Charm Winter Collection Club Charm 2019 Valentines Day Spring sneak peek sale promotion offer discount 50% gwp gift with purchase becharming new collection gift idea blog blogger 797510ENMX PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm

There is such expert craftsmanship on the Mary Poppins Bag Charm that it appears as if the bag’s handles can be lifted and the clasp opened. Both the ‘PANDORA’ and ‘©Disney’ hallmarks are stamped on two of the leather straps. My only wish is that PANDORA could have created this charm with a hinge and made it openable like the Free As A Bird Pendant (797575CZ). That would have been incredible!


797507CZ PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Pendant Charm 797506 PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Bag Charm Winter Collection Club Charm 2019 Valentines Day Spring sneak peek sale promotion offer discount 50% gwp gift with purchase becharming new collection gift idea blog blogger 797510ENMX PANDORA Disney Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm

Interestingly, despite being a large and solid charm, the PANDORA Mary Poppins Bag Charm has a smooth core. This has made me wonder if PANDORA will produce more unthreaded charms in the future.




Having only watched a few of the DC Universe / Extended Universe films over the years, I found myself really intrigued by the latest offering, Aquaman. Many people around me and online were talking about the film and it seemed like one to watch asap! So during the weekend I went to Vue at St.George’s. I settled into a warm seat, with my snacks and got ready to watch what I thought would be another fun superhero movie with the usual special effects.

Well my expectations sure were exceeded! I was unaware of the star cast that included Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren and Amber Heard. Aquaman was also intriguing as it began. The movie swiftly reminded me of the 80s classic Splash as two people from different worlds – the underwater Kingdom Atlantis and Maine – meet and fall in love. The couple then have a baby, Arthur. However the fast paced action quickly starts as the couple face tough opposition from Atlantis. They sadly become separated and Arthur remains with his father in the surface world.

The film then arrives in the present day. The charming, statuesque Jason Momoa is now Aquaman a.k.a Arthur and his fun, laid back personality makes him so likeable. Arthur/Aquman is already a well-known modern day, yet somewhat reluctant hero. He soon learns he is the real heir to Alantis and has to make a decision about his future. His power hungry half-brother, the King of Atlantis, is trying to become the Ocean Master and start a war with the surface world over the issue of pollution but has a hidden agenda. Aquaman is encouraged to fight his brother, stop the war and become the rightful King of Atlantis.

The movie delves into Aquaman’s past a few times to explain how he developed his powers. Back in the present, he gradually starts his mission in the stunning, electrifying setting of Atlantis as he seeks to win over the nation before claiming the throne.  It is certainly not easy and Aquaman faces many obstacles.  

The CGI effects are stunning. Viewers are in for a real visual feast. I enjoyed the escapism and seeing different places like the Sahara.  There are titles of the various places the film travels to which was helpful. Aquaman’s bid to become King and save both his worlds, takes us all on a journey far and wide.

The film is a 12A but even I did get a bit scared at times. James Wan the film’s director has made many horror films and there are elements of the genre in this film, especially during the scenes set in the Trench. The effects here in particular are spectacular though despite the scary tone of the scenes.  

There is the traditional fight (actually many fights) between good and evil but with a modern vibe and a new superhero to admire. The main female character Mera helps Aquaman in his quest and holds her own too which I liked seeing. In fact she saves Aquaman a few times during the movie. It seems the days of female characters just decorating action movies are over and I would even say Mera is a superhero in her own right!

There are twists and turns as Aquaman continues in his quest. I think anyone watching will root for him as the film progresses, like I did. Does Aquaman win the day though? You will have to go and see for yourself but let me just say he is a true superhero.

The film is quite long but viewers are entertained throughout. We also get to see the creation of the Black Manta in an intriguing sub plot. Some of the movie mirrors other superhero films but I liked the familiarity. However with new and advanced effects, Aquaman is the one movie to watch this year or maybe in early 2019!

Spoiler alert – stay seated at the end for an intriguing mid credits scene. I am pretty sure it is an indication that a sequel will surface soon!

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Before I start this review, I should state that we are big fans of Pizza Express. This is probably the 4th time at least we have eaten there this year and it’s only January. The last time before this for my son’s birthday in October. As my daughter is allergic to dairy, believe it or not as Italian food has a lot of cheese in, but they are really great with allergies. Even down to the fact the children’s menu has a non dairy desert on it. Something you probably don’t consider until you have a child who cannot eat dairy, but let me tell you telling a young child they cannot have desert when you’re out for a meal pretty much sucks.

The restaurant itself had a great atmosphere, it was open and bright with two floors and generally buzzing. We were greeted immediately and sent to a booth, I always prefer the booths as I think they are easier with children. The children were also given colouring and sticker packs to keep them entertained.

We all had a 3 courses. The children opted for dough balls to start with and it was great they had an option of just balsamic to dip them into rather than butter for Aria. My husband choose the mushroom bruschetta and I went for them original tomato bruschetta.

For our second course I chose the pollo pesto pasta, the children opted for pizza – Aria’s without cheese, and my husband chose the pork and stuffing menu from the festive menu. I can honestly tell you that all of the food was absolutely delicious. The pasta was so yummy and the children’s pizza barely touched the sides.

No meal is complete without a desert in my opinion. Logan went for the children’s brownie and Aria the ice lolly. My husband and I went for choices from the festive menu, he had the panettone cheesecake and I had the Jaffa profiteroles. While the Jaffa profiteroles were yummy, the panettone cheesecake was amazeballs. My husband let me try some and honestly it was seriously delicious. I had mega food envy!

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, the service was excellent and the staff very attentive.



Full Stop Aesthetics, my trip the the Salon. 

Working full time and having 2 young children means I am very limited on what I like to call ‘me time’. However, Full Stop Aesthetics have reminded me that it is okay to have some time to myself and I can do that when best suits me. It can be hard to find the time for a bit of self-indulgence especially with many salons offering limited opening times. Full Stop Aesthetics are open 7 days a week and have appointments available until 8pm on Friday to help fit in with your busy lifestyle! This suits me perfectly so I booked an appointment for a manicure on a Tuesday evening at 7pm (after the kids were fed, bathed and in bed!) – I need this.

I arrive at Full Stop Aesthetics at 6:50pm and I am welcomed with a great big smile and offered a drink. I opted for a lovely americano. The salon is bright, clean and colourful. I feel relaxed immediately. I’m so excited to get my nails done, there are so many colours to choose from (I think

that was the most difficult decision of my day!), I opted for a lovely bright coral colour, after about 10 minutes of changing my mind (whoops!).

Nail treatments are little pleasures everyone can afford especially at Full Stop Aesthetics, the manicure treatment menu offers something to suit everybody. With professional service they offer personalised products from trusted brands like OPI, SNS and Shellac because they believe these products create lovely looking and healthy nails.

The nail technician was lovely, she explained nail care and all the different options available to me. I was amazed to find out that you can have nail gems, ombre and nail art for as little as £5 extra. With my busy lifestyle and being a mum to young children, I opted to keep it simple this time and stick with a block colour. Maybe next time I will be a little more adventurous – who knows!

Using creams and lotions my nail technician gave me a lovely hand massage which was so relaxing. I’m loving the experience so much I think it might have to become a regular occurance (when the kids are in bed, of course).

Around 45 minutes later, my nails are done. They are amazing and I am so so happy with them. I walk out of the salon feeling like a new woman. All a woman needs is a little pamper sometimes. I’d say, treat yourself to the pampering you deserve and book your appointment at Full Stop Aesthetics now. I have booked my next appointment already, next time i’m going to treat myself to a cut, wash and blow dry and I can’t wait already.