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Amrita is half Indian, half French and was raised in Mali as a child. She has an idealistic love for the way that cinema bonds us all together through shared experiences and so she chose to study a BA with Joint Honours in Drama with Film and TV Studies at Brunel University. It is fair to say films have forever been a strong part of her life, ever since she was a toddler dancing to Grease and various Hindi movies in Africa, and that same passion brought her to Vue cinema Harrow as my first real job. Now, at 27, she is working as a Lead Bookseller and, as well as being an avid reader, she is am a self-proclaimed film fanatic who actively tries to watch as many as possible- the more varied the genres, the better! So reviewing films, therefore, has persisted as a natural outlet for her and what makes her a great movie lover!

Ingrid Goes West

We all know the habit is a tough one to break: the habit of constantly reaching for our phones, tablets, laptops and computers, so that we can keep up with the ever-changing world of social media; so that we can share more of our lives- in hopes of garnering more ‘likes’; so that we can feel like we belong, like we fit in. But, once you watch this month’s movie, and after the final moments have passed- after the lights come on and the credits start to roll, please resist the urge to grab your phone because, if there’s one thing you should take away from Ingrid Goes West, it’s that real life is the real story, and it’s happening right now, in front of you!

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Jed loves all things film including watching them, making them, reviewing and rating them as well as reading interesting trivia about them. He especially loves watching films and has already seen over 225 films this year (141 of that number were watched in just 121 days). Jed turned 15 last November so since then he has been able to go to the cinema a lot more due to being able to see films rated 15. His favourite genres are action and thriller although he does enjoy most genres.  Jed's top 2 most highly anticipated films for what's left of 2017 are Kingsman: The golden Circle and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Jed makes a great movie lover because he loves watching movies and telling others his thoughts on movies

Paddington 2

The first Paddington film was so much fun so I thought it was gonna be hard to top it but Paddington 2 takes all of the fun and charm from the first one and adds even more!

Right from the very start we see how much fun Paddington can be and it doesn’t stop right til the very end. The film has some incredible scenes and from start to finish it’s such a fun film with some great humour.

Ben Whishaw is the perfect voice for Paddington. When Colin Firth left the first film, at first I was a bit anxious but Whishaw was definitely the best voice for the cute bear.

Great film that is definitely worth watching. It’s impossible not to have fun watching it.