Literacy Project – St Georges Shopping
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St. George's Literacy Project

St. George’s is very much the hub of our local community and we take great pride in engaging and supporting people that live, work and shop in Harrow.  We do this in many ways, providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for people to spend time as well as interacting with local schools, community groups and charities throughout the year.  In January 2019, we embarked on a unique and exciting project, with the aim to improve literacy for local primary school children and encourage more children in our community to read and write stories for fun.  In order to inspire young children to get reading, bring out a little creativity and put pen to paper, we teamed up with #1 Bestselling author, David P. Perlmutter.  David started writing when he lived in Portugal eight years ago. His first book ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ started as a blog, but with a little encouragement from a friend, he turned it into a #1 Bestseller around the world!

David has been working with local school children to create a children’s story book featuring real life stories from the children at Roxeth Primary, Roxbourne Primary and St George's Catholic Primary Schools, with the ultimate aim to raise funds to provide literacy support for primary school children in our borough, via our charity of the year, Coram Beanstalk.

Coram Beanstalk is a national reading charity that recruits, trains and places volunteers to work one-to-one in schools with children aged 3-13 to improve their reading skills. Thousands of children leave primary school in England unable to read to the expected level. This can have severe consequences on their future, causing them to fall behind with their schoolwork, have low self-esteem and have limited job prospects. Coram Beanstalk offers a variety of programmes working with children on a one-to-one basis, giving them consistent support to practise reading skills and discover the magic of reading.

We have chosen Coram Beanstalk as our Charity of the Year for 2019 and funds raised from the sale of the book will contribute to a number of literacy programmes run by Coram Beanstalk in primary schools in Harrow.

You can purchase your copy from Bru and the St. George's management office on level 2. Card payments only please, and please note the centre management office is open Monday - Friday, 9-5pm.

It is also available for download at Amazon. 70% of the proceeds will help support reading in primary schools in and around Harrow.

A huge thank you to all the children from Roxeth Primary, Roxbourne Primary and St. George's Catholic Primary School who participated in the creative workshops.