I’m a big fan of the book and of Steven Spielberg but lots of the footage from the trailers didn’t really have me convinced. Fear not because it’s an incredible film. Don’t think it’s all Easter eggs and references to other films, characters, video games etc. The film is good itself.

It’s a fun, exciting adventure with good characters as well as small nods or references to pop culture. There’s loads of scene with countless characters milling about in the back, only a few of which I recognised but there are many more that slipped over my head. It’s such a fun adventure that’s a delight to watch- the visuals are brilliant. And it’s actually quite funny. Make sure to see it on a biiiiiig screen.

It strayed quite a bit from the book but in really good ways! They took out some less visual exciting stuff for some really entertaining scenes. Particularly one awesome race towards the start

One tiny problem I had was Mark Rylance. As James Halliday he was great but when he was Anorak (his OASIS avatar) he sounded (and looked) a bit too much like the BFG from The BFG (whom he also plays) which took me out of the film a bit but overall the whole cast were great.