By Manisa Kuinkel

I waffle therefore I am…

On a typical sunny Sunday in July, typical for summer 2018 at least, my hubby and I went to the brand new Wafflemeister that had opened in St. Georges. I had never been to one before but knew straightaway that we would enjoy our visit. The cafe was situated near Rymans and opposite Nandos.

As it was just after midday and we had skipped brekkie, we were famished and ready to eat. There were a variety of tempting treats visible in the window display. We went in and looked at the menu of Signature Liege waffles which included Waffe Au Choclat, Dream Team, Go Bananas and Marshmallow Surprise. There were also a range of American waffles such as Granola Breakfast, Nutella Sandwich, Banoffee and Strawberry Mess. Wafflemeister also offer gelatos, sorbets and sundaes.

We both decided to try the Granola Breakfast waffle and although I would normally only have water or juice with breakfast or brunch, I ordered a Strawberry Mojito as it sounded nice whilst my hubby went for the Mango Yoghurt Smoothie. There were other Juices, Smoothies and Thick Shakes on offer as well as the good old favourites like tea, coffee and soft drinks. Customers are offered a great choice of treats and drinks here!

Friendly, efficient staff served us and we decided to sit in the seating area where there were around 7 seats available. Other customers waited nearby, sat eating or ordered takeaways. There were an influx of customers coming and going and the staff along with the store manager worked hard to serve everyone in a timely manner. We liked that there was a good number of staff working to serve customers and prepare food.

The Breakfast Granola which included bananas and pumpkin seeds was intriguing, substantial and delicious! The strawberry mojito was lovely, refreshing and much welcomed on such a warm day. My hubby also found the food to be fresh and delicious. A side note, it was amusing to see a statement printed on every tissue – I waffle therefore I am.

We ate with ease in our surroundings. The venue was vibrant. There was a huge Waffles neon sign on display and striking photos of the types of food available. My hubby noted that the venue was clean, modern and attractive. I liked that that there menu was easy to read and there is no pressure to decide what you want.

Wafflemeister also reminded us of the fab waffle cafes situated everywhere in Brussels that we saw whilst on a mini break there during 2017. It was nice to see a similar place has now opened here amongst other more familiar fast food outlets.

I will not waffle on now (groan…) and will simply sign off by saying, I would definitely recommend St George’s visitors stop by Wafflemeister, for a tasty treat in the near future.